A Prayer During Quarantine

Father God, thank you for this day.

Thank you for the sunshine and rain;

for the clouds that come and go;

for the breeze as it blows gently now and with mighty force later.

Thank you that I can pause and notice these things and be at peace in your creation.

Father God, thank you for my body–susceptible to sneezes and to diseases, but strong when faced with day-to-day pressures.

Thank you for a heart that beats, a brain that understands and processes, and for hands and feet that work to accomplish your will.

Thank you for making my body resilient,

in these days, and in all the days to come.

Father God, thank you for time–whatever time has been predetermined for me on this earth by your will.

Time to laugh and to cry;

to love and to forgive;

to dream, and to step out in faith.

My journey is written in your book–not a single chapter is left to chance.

Father God, as I am forced to slow and ponder my life, may I realize that all things stem from your hand.

Today is no different from yesterday. Today is no different from tomorrow.