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Run, Running, Runner

I didn’t realize it, but as of three days ago, I’d officially hit three months as a “runner.” I put it in quotation marks because I don’t feel like a true runner: there are days when I literally can’t run more than 5 minutes because my calves are sore. My pace is an 11.5 min mile, and I’m still not able to run an entire 5K. I haven’t lost any weight, which is one of the main reasons I started running.

But I can run a full mile without getting very winded and in 11.5 minutes! Aches and pains that bothered me when I first started are gone. I can run two miles straight!

It amazes me what can change in three months: muscles and mindsets. Things that seemed impossible have been accomplished. Disciplines have changed.

Imagine what else can be accomplished in three short months.

Just a thought.

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Why I’m Eating a Vegan Diet

For the past year, I’ve been working on losing the 25lbs I put on after my wedding. Yes, you read that right: 25lbs on my already chubby frame. On January 1, 2017, I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I liked to fake affection and refer to it as my “happy weight”: I married the guy I’ve had a crush on since I was 5, we both have good, stable jobs, and we’re saving for a house. It’s easy to joke and talk about how happy we are, but when I’m truly honest, I know it wasn’t happiness that started my downward spiral.

A month after our wedding in 2015, my husband and I were visiting London for an international congress that our church organization was hosting. There were members from all over the world, and it was truly an amazing time of sight-seeing, meeting fellow believers from around the world, and experiencing the meetings.

After my husband left London to go back to our home in Brooklyn and his job, I was headed to a friend’s wedding in Northern Ireland. I was sitting in a hotel room the day before my flight when my husband texted me.

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Why I Gave Up Television

(But only for a week!)

Earlier this year, I was preparing for the Lenten season and I had an clear conviction of what I was supposed to give up for 40 days: television. Now, I’m not talking about just live TV–I’m talking network television, Hulu, Netflix, Optimum online, AMC.

I was beginning to notice a trend in myself: get home from work at 4:15PM, turn on Channel 2 and watch Judge Judy until 5. Keep the news on and listen/peek at the TV while I made dinner. Watch TV through dinner, then depending on whether or not my husband was home would determine which shows were next. We watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on weeknights, so the news stays on until they start at 7. If he isn’t home, at 6:30 or so I usually lay down on the couch, with my big fluffy blanket, and watch Hulu.

Rarely would I concentrate on my writing, blogging, or just read a book. Even rarer would I want to get up to clean the kitchen, or go to the gym to work out, nevermind try to workout at home. Once I was on the couch, comfy and happy, I only had the energy for that, and maybe some Facebook or Pinterest while I watched.

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The Daniel Fast

Dear Friend,

It was a few months ago when I felt for the first time God calling me to fast. I was going through a rather tumultuous time with co-workers, my job, and just a general sense of lack of direction. It was then that I read a devotional that talked about Daniel, and I decided I wanted to dive deeper into that book.

Daniel was a pretty awesome dude: not only did he do some amazing things, but he did them all for the Lord. Even his friends were put through the ringer, so to speak, but were brought out of their situations by the one true God. If you haven’t spent time in this book, I would greatly encourage you to.

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What is “Ginger Junction”

When trying to decide an appropriate name for my blog, I admit, I wanted it to be a little more memorable than “Rachael Boynton’s Blog” as WordPress so kindly suggested. I was trying to come up with names that directly spoke to me, but at the same time, I didn’t actually 100% know what my focus would be in writing a blog (which is probably why I stumbled along the way in the beginning). The first year or so of blog posts are now hidden, to give me a “fresh start” so to speak. There were only about 10 of them–a few pre-wedding, a few post-wedding, some talking about beauty, others discussing health, still others about travel and friendship.

But the last few months have once again changed my direction, and I’ve felt some very real purpose from God. I’ve started writing a monthly column for the Young Salvationist called “FYI”–a section that takes the theme of that month’s magazine and gives the readers practical advice for living it out. I will get into that in another blog post.

When I was called to do that, I felt God opening the door that he had so clearly been leading me down in my writing, and with excitement and a bit of courage, I’ve stepped down that path. And with that, I have felt the need to get back to my blog.

So what is “Ginger Junction”?

Ginger: a spice used for cooking and adding flavor. Also known for its medicinal qualities. When it flowers, it is known to be one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers, with more than 1300 species of its very diverse family.

Ginger: slang for a Redhead (aka, me!)

Junction:  place where several routes, lines, or roads meet, link, or cross each other: railway junction.

When we meet at a junction–when we are joined together–it doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside, whether that be a redhead or a variety of physical features. When we meet together as God’s children, we add flavor and interest to one another’s lives, and provide the healing balm that we need to make it through when times get tough.

Ginger Junction: the meeting of different people, to provide interest, healing, and variety to each other’s lives.

I can’t wait to get to know you and provide a space for us to meet through this blog, and for us to meet with Jesus.