Rachael Boynton is the Administrative Assistant in The Salvation Army’s USA East Territorial Youth Department. She is a 6th generation Salvationist and the daughter of missionary pastors–who until recently were stationed with The Salvation Army in the Caribbean territory. Rachael spent her formative teen years in Jamaica, where she graduated from Belair High School and moved back to the USA to pursue higher education. She has her Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing from Wells College, and dreams about pursuing a Master’s in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling. Rachael is also a member of Ruth Haley Barton’s Transforming Community Cohort 15, where she is working toward a certificate in Spiritual Formation.

In August 2017, Rachael was invited to join ConnectUp Prayer Ministry as their first Salvationist trained in a prayer style that emphasis inner healing and deliverance in a relational format. Rachael is trained in a variety of prayer models, utilizing those various tools with an emphasis on valuing the presence of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She is passionate about leading others into a deeper, more personal connection with Him.

Rachael was married on May 22, 2015 to her wonderful husband Andrew, and they currently live on the waterfront in Yonkers, NY. Rachael enjoys reading, reality TV, cooking shows, coffee, and days off exploring NYC.