Goliath in Front

I have a soft spot for cute t-shirts. About a year ago, I went on a workout top spending spree and ending up buying a slew of tank tops with popular quotes from my favorite movies. I included sayings from “Hunger Games,” “Legally Blonde” and “Mean Girls,”–just to name a few. My absolute favorite is a “Legally Blonde” quote: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphines make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.

I try to make sure to follow that advice!

So when a graphic tee ad pops up in my newsfeed, I usually end up clicking on it, just to see what I can find. Wouldn’t I stumble upon a a Christian online t-shirt shop with the following:

“If there’s a Goliath in front of you, that means there’s a David inside of you.”

I can’t seem to get away from David this month…

If you think about it, the story of David and Goliath is truly remarkable. Goliath was a GIANT, in full armor, who was a skilled warrior and obviously very confident in those abilities. David was a shepherd–anointed by the Lord and practiced at keeping his flocks safe (despite some dangerous encounters). There is quite the outward disparity between them, and as David walked out to confront him, I can only imagine the bloodbath his brothers and fellow Israelites thought they were going to see.

What are the “Goliath’s” in my life–the things that seem impossible to overcome?

Ask that question to yourself and see what comes to mind. Some things may be considered small, a “goliath” that is very tender and important to your heart, but might be considered trivial by someone else. Others may be huge–adversaries the world sees as impossible (and has no reservations telling you that you cannot defeat).

What is the Goliath you encountered today?

David doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t think twice. His brother chastises him and calls him names for expressing his opinion and asking questions. The king tries to dissuade him. I wonder what his inner monologue was in those moments preparing to step out–was he thinking about the consequences? Death? Did he already have a plan? Did he feel confident about it? Or was he faking confidence and silently shaking in fear?

Or did he step out, knowing his life was in God’s hands, whether he succeeded or failed.

What would it look like if you stepped out today to that thing you pictured and trusted the Lord whether you succeeded or failed? What would it look like to step out in absolute faith in your reliance on God and His divine providence and sustenance?

David was already carrying the stone that he used to kill Goliath.

What piece are you carrying today that can destroy your giant? What God-given characteristic or blessing?

I’d encourage you to sit with the Lord with those questions today and honestly open yourself up to His answers. And then ask Him who he sees you as in the story: Are you a bystander, willing to watch things unfold without you? Are you the brother, discouraging and accusing instead of uplifting and supporting? Are the the king, who tried to put false safe-guard in place? Or are you David, willing to step out in faith. Willing to trust the Lord to uphold you?

Read 1 Samuel 17 and ask the Lord those questions.

One thought on “Goliath in Front

  1. Wanting to be the David, I know I’m sometimes the brothers. I suppose even the brothers stood besides David once they learned David was an anointed (Holy Spirit filled) leader.
    I hope you don’t have no grumpy cat t-shirts poor grumpy kitty just used the last of his nine lives.


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