Unexpected Generosity

Exactly one month ago today, I came home from work and was rushing to get ready and out the door to a graduation party. As I was changing, I saw one of my necklaces on the floor. I picked it up and went to put it back on a necklace holder on my dresser when it hit me: all of my necklaces were gone. I started looking around my bedroom and noticed that MOST of my jewelry was gone and my jewelry box was cleaned out.

I immediately called my husband, even though I knew what had happened. He hadn’t done anything with my jewelry. “Check your closet for the lock box.”

It was gone.

I went into the spare bedroom and started looking around. As I looked up at the guitar hanger on the wall I stopped. “Andrew, your guitars are all gone.” That’s when it clicked for him.

Since then we’ve had police at our home, filed claims, and moved on. It’s been a slow process and absolutely nothing has happened. It’s been frustrating, to say the least, when a month later I still don’t even have a police report. Today is especially hard as my phone inquiries are greeted by voicemails and people seemingly unable to help me.

But through it all, we’ve had moments of tremendous comfort.

On Sunday, my pastor came up to me before the service and handed me a white envelope. “We know it won’t cover everything, but we wanted to help.”

On Monday morning, I went into the conference room at work to see my entire department already sitting around the table. They presented me with a gift card to Pandora to help replace my favorite charm bracelet.

Today as I’m feeling sad and tired, I’m challenged to look beyond my circumstances to the people around me. Who can I encourage? Who can I surprise with a hug or a gift? What can I do for someone else? If anyone is feeling the way I’ve felt the past month, I want them to know that this is just a season, and as in all things, this too cannot last forever.

Just a thought.