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Read through the Bible in 2017

I’m embarrassed to write this, but I am 25-years-old, have been a Christian since I re-accepted Jesus into my heart at 11, and I have never taken the time to read through the entire Bible.

I’m embarrassed to admit it because there have been many times that I tried, and failed. I became a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army at 14 (which means I became a member of the Church). That was the first year I tried. I began in the Old Testament, concerned that if I didn’t read it through in order, I wouldn’t understand everything in the New Testament. I think that was my first problem. That try, I got through most of Exodus before I finally gave up.

That was 11 years ago, and like I said, I still haven’t made it through. I would say that at this point in my life, I have read most of the Bible, if not in any sequential order, and attached to the various sermons, Sunday school classes, and weekend retreats that I’ve attended through the years (not the mention the devotions I’ve done along the way). But I’ve never taken the time to read through the Bible, with a plan, keeping track of my thoughts in my prayer journal, and setting a time limit to my task.

Last post I talked about resolutions: Here’s to 2017. At the time, I was thinking more about my weight loss goals and health goals. Those things are incredibly important to me, especially since I know I am not living up to God’s potential for me when I ignore my health. But as I was doing my devotionals this past week, I spent time thinking about the resolutions I wanted to dedicate purely to God. The first was obvious; to spend time with him daily. The second, reading through the Bible, actually took me a little more time to decide on (which is ridiculous of me, it seems so obvious!) but after a few nudges from the Lord, I know that this is a step He wants me to take.

So, I have begun! I am a little behind in the plan, but I plan to catch up by doing two days at a time and then going from there. I want to have the entire Bible read by the first day of 2018!

If you want to take this challenge with me, please join me on! You can join the “Solid Life ‘Full Bible’ Reading Plan” with me here. I would love a friend to do this with!

I found that as I’m reading, writing down the phrases and verses that stick out to me to then pray and listen to God over has really made the words come alive. Plus, the plan started in the first chapters of Genesis, Luke, and Jude, which kept me interested as I was reading different things entirely and not just the first three chapters of Genesis.

I’m excited for this step; please keep me accountable! By this time next year I hope to tell you I have finally been successful in a goal I’ve had for a long time.

Rachael ❤


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