After “Wait and See”

“So do not be afraid. I am with you. Do not be terrified. I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. My powerful right hand will take good care of you. I will always do what is right.” –Isaiah 41:10 (NIRV)

So, it’s been a few days, and I completed the “Wait and See” reading plan that I spoke about in a previous blog post. To say that God answered my prayers in the time we spent together during this devotional almost seems to make light of the time we spent together. I have no doubt of the things He told me, and know exactly how to proceed in the matter that I took to Him in prayer. I can’t say that I have ever felt so strongly about knowing the course of action that God has wanted me to take, and it has taken a huge weight off of my mind. Was this outcome based on the reading plan I chose? Not at all. God knew that my heart was truly searching his will in this matter, and I know He used this plan to help speak to me.

Wait and See was a 7-day reading plan and devotional by Wendy Pope. Each day had a different theme: When the Wait Begins, Misconceptions, Pasture Experiences, Fighting Discouragement, The Next Thing, Idols, and Eternally with You. I accidentally was doing the plan every other day for a few days, and with that ended up reading the days out of order. But I was shocked to find that the order was exactly the way God needed to tell me what he had to say.

As I said I would, I would like to tell you what I have been praying over. At my job, a supervisor in another department approached me and asked if I would be interested in a position that would be opening up with his team. It would mean more money (actually, a slightly significant bit more) than what I’m making, for a very similar position. He asked me to consider it, even said that he was hoping to get a writer into the position to further expand his ideas for the position. It was a very tempting offer, but there were downfalls. I knew that I would have to weigh the pros and cons heavily to determine if this was the right step moving forward. So I dedicated this time to waiting and asking God what he wanted.

The big things I took away from this time:

  • I missed you. There have been spans of weeks when my time with God is very disjointed and inconsistent. The Lord spoke to me and told me He needs this to become a regular thing, and that he wants to create a schedule with me.
  • Trust my timing. There have been many times in the past when I wondered why my application for an apartment wasn’t accepted, or why no one called me back for a simple job interview. Those were the times when the next step was a big move that I never would have done should I have gotten what I thought I wanted at the time. I praise God for those perceived failures now, since they have lead me down this path.
  • Write. God has encouraged me to write in so many ways. A year ago, I had the desire but was discouraged because I didn’t have an outlet. Now I have a blog and a monthly column with the Young Salvationist, but I know the Lord has more in store. So again, His timing.
  • Start. Try. Pray Constantly. I will help you.
  • Be an encouragement. Specifically to my husband, but also to those around me that need that extra boost.
  • I’m keeping you here. I heard those words so distinctly that a weight was lifted. I am still in a period of waiting, and I passed up on what could have been a good opportunity, but I know the Lord is going to bless my next step through faithfulness to him.
  • Be honest. It is a beautiful feature. Be true to you.
  • Remember what I give you.

If you are in a time of waiting, I encourage you to ask Him for guidance. I feel so at peace, and I’m thankful for the Lord’s guidance in my life. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through the anxiety now. I praise God for his continued faithfulness.

Thank you for sharing in my journey. It really means a lot to me.

Rachael ❤