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Why I Give Thanks


On thanksgiving, it’s kind of a rule that you have to be thankful for something, and you have to share those things you are thankful for with others. So here it is, my obligatory, “thankful” post.

But why does it have to be obligatory? Well, this year I’ve done a really bad job at being thankful. It’s actually become more and more of a habit for me. It’s hard to concentrate on all the good things around me when my fears and anxieties take center stage. It can almost feel like a post about thankfulness has to be obligatory, rather than authentic. But I want to change that in this coming year.

So instead, today I refuse to think of a single thing that has gotten me worried; I choose thankfulness. Now, I’m not creating a list to brag in any way, I simply want to thank God for everything he has given me.

Why I Give Thanks:

  • This morning I woke up, with the promise of a new day and the chance to live it to the best of my abilities
  • This past year, my husband and I have fallen into our rhythm, and the longer we live together, the more we learn and grow together
  • My husband. He is a hard-working, loving man, and even when he doesn’t understand something about me, he patiently sits and listens
  • The Lord has given me situations that I thought I couldn’t handle, then was the guiding force that saw me through…
  • …And he reminds me of this in the moments I most need the reminder
  • I have a job that pays the bills and is enjoyable on a daily basis
  • The Lord has blessed me with a purpose: I know what He wants me to do, I just have no idea where it will take me
  • He’s also blessed us with the gift of a future unknown. Sometimes I like to think I’d like to know what’s coming, but it’s that half the fun of life?
  • I’ve been blessed with dear friends, both near and far. They are few in numbers, but mean the world to me
  • I’ve been blessed with a loving family. And even during arguments, I know that they are always there for me and would help me in any situation
  • Our home. It is the perfect size for us and is where God wants me right now
  • The Lord continues to guide me. On a rough day when my heart is hurting, I know the Lord listens and comforts. And it is so important to me

I’m so thankful that every day is another day to be the best person I can be. This year, I will concentrate on what makes me thankful every day, and try not to take those things for granted.

Rachael ❤