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My Weekly Ritual

Once a week, usually on a Sunday evening, I sit down to do my nails. Our main living area is set up with our dining room on one side, and our living room on the other, so I grab all of my nail tools and sit down at the dining room table, with “The Good Wife” playing on the TV in the background. As a Jamberry Consultant, it is strongly encouraged that we constantly have our nails done so we have an easier time selling the product, but for me, that’s not why I sit down for my weekly ritual.

Sunday nights, I have a time where my husband knows not to bother me, I literally cannot pick up my phone or check my Facebook account, and I can either choose to listen to my show, or relax in my own head. It’s not that my life is overly stressful, I don’t have kids, and my husband and I are both secure in our jobs. But for that hour or so, I meticulously cut cuticles, slowly apply gel, carefully heat wraps, and just pamper my hands. It’s a time to sometimes think; a time to be numb; a time to pray. And once a week I get that moment. It is truly a time that I cherish and look forward to, a time to renew my life before the next week starts.

Sometimes the end result is not what I expected, or even wanted, but isn’t that just life? Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want. But if we take each moment in stride, and practice patience and calmness in the small moments, when the large moments come, we’ll remember the small lessons we practiced each week. Sometimes my nails look fabulous, and I can’t wait to share the new designs on my Instagram or Facebook. Celebrate in the small moments and remember those little victories when life gets hard. And practice your small rituals every day–or week–and those little habits and lessons will follow you the rest of your life.

Now, for me it’s nails, but everyone has that weekly ritual, those moments that relax us. I encourage you to figure out what your “moment” is.


Stay elegant ❤