Hello 2016

Hello again my dear friends!

So, 2015 ended with me being lazy, and caught up in life, and not wanting to write anything, despite the fact that I’ve had topics and ideas and could have very well gotten some great posts together.

But one of the great things about lives and blogs is that they are yours, and you are free to do with them as you please. 😉

So, here are some highlights.

Our apartment is coming together nicely and I’m constantly in awe that we have such a cozy, little home and that I get to share it with such an amazing man.

I’m selling Jamberry! Woot woot! My Instagram is full of nail designs and manicures. I love it!

Christmas was great: new pots and pans, Sephora gift cards, jewelry, Kate Spade, family, friends, exciting news (not by me, but I will tell soon!), and so much more!

I had an article published in the Young Salvationist here (January 2016). I am incredibly proud of it and inspired to write more in the New Year.

And on that note, I have a reading goal of 24 books in 2016. My Goodreads is here.

I’m quite fatter than I was in 2015, and I blame stress and old eating habits biting me in the behind, but I’m excited for a new year and new goals. Twelve weeks, 15 pounds, to be back at where I was on my wedding day: yeah, it’s been that much. 😦

I’m concentrating on spending more time in the Scriptures and praying. So I started a “God and Me” board on Pinterest with Scripture writing plans and Song Book Journaling. I am so excited for this!

So thanks for checking in! We’ll have more updates and posts now that we are in the new year. #Hello2016 and #BuhBye2015

Stay elegant my friend.

Rachael ❤